House termination kit to easily install fibre optic cable to a house

Wed Mar 10 17:17:00 2021

Our house termination kit consists of the OptoBox 24 termination box to be placed on the exterior wall of the property, the NC-105 indoor termination box and 15 metres of pre-terminated FTMSU Cca indoor / outdoor cable. The house termination kit is also available in other cable lengths if needed.

During installation, a direct buried cable is taken into the OptoBox 24 outdoor termination box, where it’s jointed to the indoor / outdoor cable going inside the house. At the end of the indoor / outdoor cable there is a pre-terminated NC-105 indoor termination box. Thanks to the pre-terminated cable, the installation work at the customer's home is done quickly and almost without disturbances.

The house termination kit is ideal for being used in:

  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Two-storey detached houses with two apartments
  • Row houses

The kit includes: 

Nestor OptoBox 24 
  • The new Nestor OptoBox 24 is a multi-purpose termination box for wall mounting.
  • It is suitable for terminating and extending indoor and outdoor cables as well as microducts.
  • Its capacity is 12-48 fibre splices depending on the selected connector type.
Termination box NC-105 
  • Termination box NC-105 is an easy-to-install termination box for indoor installations using 1 to 4 fibres.
  • Its material is ABS plastic and it is white in color.
FTMSU Cca   
  • The FTMSU Cca cable is a multi-purpose indoor / outdoor cable.
  • It is easy and quick to peel, which saves installation time.


Product Nestor code STK
OptoBox 24+NC-105 2xSC/APC 15m LV2403 7284575


The house termination kit is also available in other cable lengths if needed. Ask more about the house termination kit from our experts!