Our skilled Nestor family is our most important resource

Wed Mar 17 14:17:00 2021

Nestor Cables was established in 2007 at the request of our customers to ensure cable availability and the preservation of industry know-how in Finland. The skills and knowledge of our employees have therefore always been at the heart of our operations. 

The manufacturing of our products requires dozens of work steps, and our factories in Oulu and Keila employ a total of more than 100 professionals. Our production is responsible for the quality and completion of our products as planned, our product development discovers solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the sales and customer service team ensure that customers are aware of our products and that the products purchased meet their expectations. Over the years, some original Nestor Cables' employees have retired and new talents have come into the house – however, we have low employee turnover.

Nestor Cables is committed to equal treatment of employees. For example, equal pay is paid for work of equal value and vacancies are filled in a way that promotes equality. Filling jobs is not affected by, for example, gender, nationality, cultural background or age. All employees also have the opportunity to advance in their careers and develop their professional skills through training.

Through repeated job satisfaction surveys we will notice and take action when problems arise. Nestor Cables’ leisure committee also organizes various sporting events, for example in the form of team cycling trips. We also encourage our employees to balance the work and family life.

Our factories have invested in workplace safety. We actively collect observations from our employees about potential risk situations that they encounter in their work. Risk situations are also addressed quickly. Employees also have access to extensive health care. There are fewer sick leaves and other absences at our factories than the industry average. 

Our skilled Nestor family is our most important resource. By investing in our staff, we ensure the quality of our products.