Nestor Cables provides lightweight and rugged fibre optic cables for different kinds of security, defence and other temporary applications.

Transportable fibre optic cable units are developed based on military cable systems. In civilian use such networks are often needed during public  events like festivals, fairs or sports events.

General features

  • Cables are connectorized  with expanded beam connectors that provide hermaphroditic connection between optical fibres. Available with 2 single-mode or multimode fibres.

  • Cables are delivered in special metallic reels with the standard lengths of 200, 400, 800 and 3000 m but the customized lengths are also available.

  • A full range of accessories are also available like short cable assemblies, carrying frames, reel stands, reeling and unreeling equipment and cleaning kits for the connectors.

Special cables

The cable used in portable optical fibre cable units is the 2-fibre outdoor field cable FTMRMU and the 4-fibre outdoor special field cable FTRMSU, which has been further developed from the first one. Both cables have small size and great flexibility, but at the same time they are strong; they can be overridden by a car.

Special cable reels

Portable optical fibre cable units are delivered on special 1-hand reels, which have been developed just for these purposes. Unreeling for use and reeling back after use are very easy.

Optical fibre connectors

Nestor Cables has also in its selection suitable optical fibre connectors for the solution. Cables can be delivered with normal SC/UPC, SC/APC and LC/UPC connectors or with new IP67-tight IP-LC and special LC-Duplex connectors.

Connection closures

For portable optical fibre cable units Nestor Cables has also developed connection closures, to which permanently installed fixed cables can be terminated and in which connection to special cables can be made with IP-LC connectors. By using these closures, it is easy to construct in various venues and event areas an optical fibre network, to which for example video camera cables can be easily connected during the event. Nestor Cables’ selection includes connection closures NC-140 IP-LC and NC-135A IP-LC. The first one has positions for three IP-LC connector and the second one has eight connector positions.

Patch cords

Short patch cords, with length 2…20 m, are needed in various connections such as in connecting IP-LC interface to ordinary patch panel or to active equipment. In addition to common patch cords with SC or LC connectors, Nestor Cables offers also patch cords with IP-LC connectors or special LC-Duplex connectors.

Cleaning materials for connector cleaning

When handling optical fibre connectors, they shall be protected and kept clean. Even a small particle of dust can block the optical signal and cause interruptions to telecommunications. Especially in outdoor conditions connectors get easily and inevitably dirty, and therefore materials for field cleaning shall be available. Nestor Cables’ handy and soft handbag includes a package of cleaning and maintenance kit consisting of cleaning swabs (for example for SC and LC connectors), cleaning cassette with spare reel, cleaning tissues and pressurized air.

Products for transportable fibre optic cable units