Nestor OptoBox 24 is a wall mounted termination box for indoor and outdoor installations. It is suitable for terminating and jointing different types of optical cables and microducts. Delivered as a basic assembly or as a pre-installed pigtail kit including pre-installed adapters and pigtails according to customer specifications. Also available as pre-assembled pigtail cable kit with 0-100 m connectorized indoor cable with tested connectors pre-installed to adapters

  • Inlets and outlets (bottom) 
    • 1 pc stepped grommet for max. Ø 17 mm cable diameters
    • 1 pc M20 x 1.5 cable gland for Ø 7-14 mm cable diameters
    • 6 pcs stepped grommets for max. Ø 9 mm cable diameters
  • Inlets and outlets (Back wall)
    • 1 pc angled stepped grommet for max. Ø 9 mm cable diameters
    • 1 pc optional stepped grommet for max. Ø 9 mm cable diameters
  • Capacity 
    • 48 fiber splices without connectors
    • 24 fiber splices with LC-connectors
    • 12 fiber splices with SC-connectors
  • Mounting and grounding bar with grounding clips
  • Removable hinged lid, equipped with lock
  • Place for adapter plate
  • Integrated cable excess management system in the back wall

Basic assembly 

  • Frame 1 pc
  • Removable hinged lid with seal and O-ring 1 pc
  • Lock, compatible with triangular key 1 pc
  • Splice sleeve holder for 24 fiber protection sleeves 1 pc
  • M20 x 1.5 cable gland 1 pc
  • Stepped grommets 9 pcs
  • Cable management clips 4 pcs
  • Fastening and grounding materials for incoming cables


  • Adapter plate for 12 LC-D or SC-S adapters
  • Available also pre-assembled with adapters
  • Splice sleeve holder for 24 fibre protection sleeves
  • Pigtails according to customer specifications
  • PLC-splitters according to customer specifications
  • 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32
Product Nestor code STK* 

Nestor OptoBox 24

LV2504 7284613

OptoBox 24+NC-105 2xSC/APC 15 m

LV2403 7284575

OptoBox 12xSCS/LCD adapter plate



OptoBox 24 SC 2xSMT pigtail kit


OptoBox 24 SC 4xSMT pigtail kit LV2700 7284797


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Nestor OptoBox 24  
Dimensions W156mm x H213mm x D64mm
IP code IP 66
Material PC (polycarbonate)
Colour RAL 7035 (grey)