Electric power companies are nowadays renovating their medium voltage lines by installing new cables underground alongside roads. In this way the cables are safe from storm hazards. Often at the same time also an optical fibre cable is installed. This cable is used for data transmission between electric power substations and transformer stations. Optical fibres are electrically dielectric and therefore they are suitable for this purpose, because they are immune to electric fields and electromagnetic interferences. The construction of optical fibre cables, and especially of directly buried cables, however, typically includes metallic strength elements and armouring in the sheath. Therefore, when installing optical fibre cables into the same ditch with electric cables, non-metallic optical fibre cables shall be used. This is to avoid the induction by electric field to metallic parts of optical fibre cables. In addition to non-metallic construction, the optical fibre cables shall have a sufficient crush and tensile strength. Cables suitable for this purpose are non-metallic directly buried or duct cables, which can be blown into duct pipes suitable for this installation method.

Nestor Cables has developed an own cable concept for the needs of electric power companies. The concept includes all materials needed in construction the optical fibre link installed adjacent to a medium voltage cable line. The product concept supporting electric power network has been developed to be as simple and clear as possible.a.

Optical fibre cables

Optical fibre cables suitable for electric power network are for example non-metallic directly buried cable FYO2RMU 3,5 kN, non-metallic directly buried cable with flex tubes FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN or non-metallic duct cable FZOMU-SD for pulling or blowing installation.

Joint closures

The NC-400 series joint closures developed by Nestor Cables have so called butt joints. They are water tight and are made of acid-proof steel. They can be installed directly to the ground, man/hand holes or cabinets. The design of the closures enables very easy installation, but also highest reliability. NC-412 is a small 12-fibre joint closure, NC-450 24-k v.2 is for 24 fibres and NC-400 for up to 288 fibres. The closures are delivered as factory assembled joint closure packets, excluding splice protection sleeves.

Optical fibre cable termination closures for power substations and transformer stations

The product concept for terminating optical fibre cables in power substations and transformer stations includes tight termination closures for indoor or outdoor wall mounting. The choice of the termination closure type depends on the number of the fibres to be terminated: NC-160A is suitable for maximum 12 fibres, NC-135 SC-D is suitable for maximum 24 fibres and NC-300A 48xSC is suitable for maximum 48 fibres. NC-232 is suitable for indoor 19-inch rack or cabinet mounting.

Other products

In termination and connection also fibre pigtails, fibre pigtail sets, connector adapters and patch cords are needed. These are also included in this product concept.

Products for electricity network