05.06.2024 - Blog
New product: Outdoor termination box optimized for microduct network!

Our popular OptoBox termination box product family is expanding with the addition of the versatile, ...

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20.03.2024 - Blog
Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in our operations continue

In recent years, we have paid attention to our production's carbon footprint and have taken measures...

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27.11.2023 - Blog
Visit to Ylikiiminki with our Field Support Manager

Our Field Support Manager Jouni Vaara conducted a site visit in Ylikiiminki, where Kairan Kuitu was ...

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03.10.2023 - Blog Recent
Autumn greetings from our CEO

Nestor Cables’ year has been good and deliveries, especially during the first half of the year, have...

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11.04.2023 - Blog Recent
CEO's spring greetings

Nestor Cables’ calendar year has started briskly. The demand for optical cables and microducts in th...

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22.03.2023 - Blog Recent
We have further reduced the carbon footprint of our production!

In recent years, we have invested in the responsibility and sustainability of our operations. Respon...

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13.12.2022 - Blog
CEO's greetings: A year of strong growth at Nestor Cables

This year was Nestor Cables Ltd's fifteenth year of operation and we are happy to say that our opera...

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15.11.2022 - Blog
We asked our customers how we succeeded in the summer of 2022

In recent years, we have conducted customer satisfaction surveys to measure our customers' opinions ...

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14.11.2022 - Blog
Nestor Cables at INCA Conference 2022 in Liverpool

INCA (the Independent Networks Cooperative Association) is a cooperative association which aims to s...

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14.09.2022 - Blog
Nestor Cables at Connected Britain 2022

Nestor Cables will take part in Connected Britain in London 20 - 21 September 2022 with our exhibiti...

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