Based on our experience in several village network projects we have compiled the best products into a complete village network concept. The concept includes all the optical fibre cables and accessories for constructing a village network. Our aim has been to keep the concept as simple as possible in order to make the management of the product types during construction and the maintenance of the network easy and cost effective. 

The optical fibre cabling entity for village network construction offered by Nestor Cables has been tested in demanding conditions in various areas of Finland and it is applicable for a large scale of optical fibre cabling projects, covering projects from cabling of small villages to broadband projects of a whole province. 

Optical fibre cables

In village network installations optical fibre cables are generally ploughed alongside roads. Recommended drop cables in our selection are directly buried optical fibre cable FYO2PMU Mini and a non-metallic option FYO2RMU 3,5 kN, which is also suitable for direct buried installation. Recommended feeder and distribution cables are directly buried optical fibre cables FZVD2PMU Flex and FYOVDMU. 

Underground joint closures

Optical fibre cable joints can be implemented either with underground joint closures or with joint cabinets installed on the ground surface. In joint closures the fibre splices are in safe from external hazards, but the accessibility for maintenance, such as adding and changing activities, is not very easy, especially in winter. The NC-400 -series joint closures developed by Nestor Cables have so called hood design. They are water tight and are made of acid resistant steel. They can be installed directly in ground, man/hand holes or cabinets. The design of the closures enables very easy installation, but also highest reliability. Closures are available with fibre splice capacity from 12 to 288. The closures are delivered as factory assembled joint closure packets. Depending on needed capacity for fibre splices, suitable product are NC-412, NC-450 24-k, NC-450 24-k v.2, NC-450 48-k, NC-450 48-k v.2 and NC-400. In addition to our own joint closures we also offer Tykoflex TF6-joint closures with fibre splice capacity of 24 to 96 and TBK8-joint closures with fibre splice capacity of 48 to 432. These closures are also delivered as factory assembled joint closure packets.

Above ground joint cabinets

Joint cabinets on the surface of ground enable ease and flexibility for maintenance and they can also accommodate patch panels and splitters, but the cabinet may be subject to external hazards, because it is located above the ground surface. The core principles in the design of all our joint solutions have been to enable easy and quick installations, and operating lifetime for the whole lifetime of the network. Nestor Cables offers complete cabinet solutions, which consist of a joint or crossconnectcabinet installed inside a distribution cabinet. This helps in project management and cost calculating, when complete entities can be acquired directly to the field of installation. In the field these complete entities enable easy and quick installation work. Recommended products are small joint cabinet NC-310, universally applicable joint cabinet NC-360 and joint and crossconnection cabinet NC-355. 

Fibre management in village network access nodes

In village network access nodes, the number of fibres may vary from small numbers to more than one thousand fibres. Fibre management is important in order to make the connections of new subscribers easy and to minimize fault situations during operation and maintenance. The basic solution for village network access nodes is the NC-2000 connection cabinet based on 19-inch technology. It is possible to install both optical fibre terminations and active network equipment into the same cabinet. This results in efficient space using, which is important especially in rented spaces. The design of NC-2000 connection cabinet takes into account the requirements due to cable termination, patch cord management and heat load of active equipment. Cabinets are factory assembled and equipped including for example patch cord guides and fixing and earthing bars for incoming cables.

Termination in the connection cabinet

The optical fibres are terminated in the connection cabinet to NC-210 or NC-232 patch panels. The height of one panel is 1 U (44,45 mm) and panels can be installed directly one above the other. One cabinet can accommodate even 40 patch panels. The termination capacity of NC-210 closure is 96 fibres and the that of NC-232 is 48 fibres. As a factory assembled packet and with LC connectors the termination capacity of NC-232 can be 96 fibres. Patch panels are delivered as factory assembled packets with fibre pigtails or a factory terminated cable. For protection of patch cords the patch panels are provided with patch cord guides and quick fixing protection/marking plate in front of the panel.

Termination of cables

In new and quite new houses the termination inside the house is made by using the termination closure NC-125. The drop cable is brought directly through the wall of the house to the closure located in building distributor.

Products for village networks