Results from our new customer survey

Wed Jun 24 12:05:00 2020

We arranged a customer survey in May-June 2020. We received 123 responses from our customers around the world. Thanks for all the answers! 

In the survey, we wanted to collect our customers' opinions and experiences of our customer service, products, deliveries and quality. In general, respondents were satisfied with our services, products and operations, and we received praise on all points. Overall, we are pleased with the outcome of the survey, but we also see our own development needs.

Based on this survey, Nestor Cables' recommendation percentage is 81.5 %.

The following opinions emerged in the open comment fields of the survey:

  • Our services and guidelines cover the needs of our customers well.
  • Our products are high quality.
  • It is easy to contact us. Help and advice come quickly.

The following matters we need to pay more attention to:

  • Delivery times
  • More installation instructions, especially for NesCon installation accessories
  • Even better response time in customer service

In the future, we will conduct a similar customer satisfaction survey every year. We use the results of the survey as guidelines for internal development. Any kind of feedback is always welcome even outside of surveys. 

Learn more about the results of the customer survey! (PDF)