Nestor Cables wishes everyone a sunny and great summer!

Wed Jun 17 12:01:00 2020

Summer has arrived here at the height of Oulu as well and we have been able to enjoy warm summer days. The holiday season has also begun and like normally, our staff will be vacationing in stages.

Despite our holidays, both of our factories will continue almost at full capacity and all orders will be delivered as agreed. The availability of cables, fibre optic accessories and microduct products is at good level.

Despite the improved corona situation in Finland, we will continue to take precautions in order to protect our operations and the health of our personnel. Access to the factories is restricted and only necessary visits are allowed. Appointments are still handled mainly remotely. We have also given special instructions to our factories regarding hygiene and cleanliness. We will continue with these guidelines over the summer.

Nestor Cables wishes everyone a very nice summertime!