FYOVD2PMU is the most durable cable at the market for direct buried installation. It is a universal fibre optic cable with central tube construction for direct buried or duct installation. The cable is protected by polymer coated corrugated steel tape. FYOVD2PMU is also available with multimode fibres and as hybrid cable (SM+MM).


  • Optical fibres: Coloured single-mode fibres according to the ITU-T G.652.D standard. Also available with multimode fibres.
  • Secondary coating: A plastic core tube with jelly filling.
  • Wrapping: The cable core is wrapped longitudinally with a swellable tape.
  • Protection: Polymer coated corrugated steel tape applied longitudinally with an overlap. The nominal thickness of the steel tape is 0,15 mm.
  • Strength members: Two 1,6 mm diameter steel wires in the sheath.
  • Outer sheath: The cable sheath consists of UV resistant black PE. Nominal sheath thickness is 2,5 mm.
  • Sheath marking: Marking printed on the sheath at one meter interval: Nestor Cables - cable type - lot number - year of manufacture - length marking. 

All of our fibre optic and copper cables are halogen-free.

STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Length Drum



13,8 mm 171 kg/km 6000 m K20
0217101 L10076


13,8 mm 171 kg/km 6000 m K20
0217102 L10077 2x12xSML 13,8 mm 171 kg/km 6000 m K20
0217510 L10412 4x12xSML 14,3 mm 192 kg/km 6000 m K20
0217511 L10413 2x4x12xSML

15,2 mm

214 kg/km 6000 m K22


With OM1 fibre

STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Length Drum
0217185 L10306


13,8 mm

171 kg/km 2000 m K14
0217162 L10303


13,8 mm

171 kg/km 2000 m K14
0217163 L10304


13,8 mm

171 kg/km 2000 m K14



13,8 mm

171 kg/km 2000 m K14


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Maximum tension during installation

5 000 N

Crush strength with 100 mm plate

8 000 N

Temperature range during operation

-45 - +70 ºC

Temperature range during installation

-15 - +70 ºC

Reaction to fire (CPR)

Minimum bending radius

Installed 10 x diameter, during installation 20 x diameter