Spring 2020 at Nestor Cables

Thu May 07 11:42:00 2020

Spring 2020 has been special. The Finnish winter has been warmer than usual and in half of Finland there has not been snow at all. As a result, the construction season started early and our factories have been operating at full capacity since the beginning of the year. 

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has caused us additional challenges as well, mainly in logistics and global supply chains. Despite this, we have been able to operate almost normally at both our Oulu and Keila plants.

In order to protect our operations and the health of our personnel, we have decided to continue with the same precautions as before. We restrict access to our factories and only necessary visits are allowed. We continue to handle all appointments remotely. Many of our employees will continue to work remotely. We have also given special instructions to our factories regarding hygiene and cleanliness.

The corona situation in Finland seems to be slightly better for now. To help the situation for our part, we will continue with these guidelines over the summer. After the summer we will reassess the situation.

Due to high demand, we still recommend placing orders as early as possible. This way we can guarantee good availability and short delivery times.

If you want to discuss more on the topic you can contact us.

Nestor Cables wishes everyone a very good and sunny spring!