Our new Optimus Combi combines fibre optic cable and microducts into one product

Wed Feb 17 15:04:00 2021

A new Optimus Combi combining the FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN direct buried cable and two microducts will arrive in our Nestor Optimus microduct product family this spring. 

Optimus Combi is a cost-effective solution. The amount of fibre needed in its cable is immediately ready for installation, but it is also possible to increase capacity later through the ducts up to 768 fibers.

Optimus Combi 

Fibre optic cable FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN, 12-192 fibres
Award-winning and familiar to installers, the FZ4RMU Flex cable is a flexible and non-metallic fibre optic cable. This cable can be installed directly to the ground by digging or ploughing e.g. together with a power electric cable. FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN is popular for its ease of use: its tubes can be stripped without tools.

Nestor Optimus microducts, Optimus DB 14/10 mm
Two microducts suitable for direct buried installation. The outer diameter of the microducts is 14 mm and the inner diameter is 10 mm.

Optimus Combi can provide capacity for 12-768 fibres thanks to our new 200 μm microduct cable.

Below are all microduct cables suitable for the Optimus DB 14/10 mm microduct:

Optimus Combi will arrive in our product range in spring 2021!