FZ4RMU Flex is a fibre optic cable with a new kind of flexible construction. The fibres are housed in small and thin walled loose tubes made of soft elastomeric material and therefore fibre tubes can be bended significantly more than traditional PBT loose tubes. The cable construction itself is non-metallic but still strong enough to be installed directly to the ground by digging or ploughing e.g. together with a power electric cable.

All of our fibre optic and copper cables are halogen-free.

STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Length Drum
0217457 L10892 1x12xSML 8,5 mm 58 kg/km 6000 m K12
0217380 L10745 2x12xSML 10,1 mm 74 kg/km 6000 m K16
0217381 L10746 4x12xSML 10,1 mm

78 kg/km

6000 m K16
0217382 L10747 8x12xSML 11,4 mm 96 kg/km 6000 m K16
0217383 L10748 16x12xSML 13,4 mm 127 kg/km 6000 m K20


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FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN


Maximum tension during installation

3 500 N

Temperature range during operation

-45 - +70 ºC

Temperature range during installation

-15 - +70 ºC

Crush strength with 100 mm plate

4 000 N

Reaction to fire (CPR)

Minimum bending radius

installed 10 x diameter, during installation 20 x diameter