Electric forklifts arrive at Nestor Cables

Fri Jan 08 11:17:00 2021

Last year, we examined the carbon footprint of our production when considering the impact of our business on climate change.

When assessing the carbon footprint of Nestor Cables’ production, emissions from electricity, heating, waste management and forklift operations at production facilities were taken into account. 22% of the carbon footprint was caused by forklift traffic at our factory, and our study showed that we could reduce emissions by introducing electric forklifts.

During this winter, electric forklifts have arrived at our factory. The battery life of these Toyota trucks is up to 8 hours at full speed.

“The new electric forklifts seem reliable and clever. I was positively surprised at how straightforward the implementation was in the end. A guide came from the supplier to inspect the trucks and give guidance”, says Olli Tuovinen, Nestor Cables' production director. "There hasn't been much user experience yet, but the first impression and feeling is that the new electric forklifts make things easier to do, especially in the winter, when snow can cause problems for forklifts."

The new electric trucks will also improve the factory's indoor air quality. Olli Tuovinen continues: “To reduce emissions, this was an easy way to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally the electric forklifts do not cause diesel exhaust emissions which are harmful to our staff indoors.”