Nestor Optimus is a solution for microduct networks - watch our new video!

Mon Nov 29 11:55:00 2021

Fibre optic networks made with microduct technology are becoming more and more common in Finland. The Nestor Optimus product family is our solution for constructing fibre optic networks for microduct networks. Fibre optic solutions based on microduct technology are ideal for growing and changing neighborhoods and cities. Our Nestor Optimus solution consists of microduct cables, microducts and installation accessories.

By combining microduct cables, microducts and accessories, networks can be formed almost indefinitely according to different requirements. Microduct cables are light and small, so they are easy to handle and install.

Nestor Cables' microduct cables and microducts are manufactured at our factory in Oulu, Finland. Watch our new video below to see, for example, our microduct production at the factory!