NC-450 48F v.2  is a butt joint type closure for trunk, feeder and access networks for splicing max. 48 fibres.


  • Can be installed directly to the ground, to a manhole and to the pole with a separate pole/wall bracket
  • Provides pressure-tight protection for optical fibres and splices
  • Suits for different type of cable constructions
  • Can be used for the mid-span access
  • Simple and installer-friendly construction
    • Short stripping lengths of the cables
    • No need for guiding fibres to separate splice trays
  • Is delivered as a pre-assembled kit including all the necessary materials except fibre protection sleeves
  • Fibre splices are placed to the rubber holders that can be fastened freely to the fixed splice tray
  • Each holder has space for 12 fibre protection sleeves
  • Capacity for 48 fibres
  • Cable inlets:
    • 1 oval inlet with inner dimensions 55,6 x 40,9 mm
    • 3 inlets with inner dia. 17 mm
    • 3 inlets with inner dia. 11 mm
  • Size: 472 x Ø 115 mm
  • Material: acid-proof stainless steel
  • Tightness: IP 67
  • The tightness of every closure is tested in the factory


  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves for all cable inlets
  • Heat-shrinkable end-plugs for non-used cable inlets, 5 pcs
  • Branch-off clip for a big heat-shrinkable tube
  • Holder for 12 fibre protection sleeves, 4 pcs
  • Earthing connector for 16 mm2 earthing electrode
  • Pack of silica gel moisture absorbent
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Joint closure NC-450 48-k

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Pole/Wall bracket NC-450

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