• Heat-shrinkable tube kit for 2 cables
  • Branch-off clip for heat-shrinkable tube with the branch-off clip 2 drop cables can be taken into the closure through one round inlet
  • 3-way heat-shrinkable tube 35-15/13-4 with the tube 3 drop cables can be taken into the closure through one round inlet
Product STK* Nestor code

Heat-shrinkable tube kit for 2 cables

7284176 LV1217

Branch-off clip for heat-shrinkable tube

7284297 LV1418

3-way heat-shrinkable tube 35-15/13-4, 10 pcs

- LV1916

4-way heat-shrinkable tube 35-15/15-4, 10 pcs

- LV2035


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