Nestor Panel Plus is an adjustable patch panel for 19” racks and cabinets. It is available with different adapter plates for capacity 24-96 fibers.

  • Adapter alternatives
    • SC simplex (24F)
    • SC duplex (48F)
    • LC duplex (48F)
    • LC quad (96F)
    • Also available with multimode adapters (SC or LC type)
  • The panels can be stacked directly on top of each other
  • Supplied with removable guide hooks for patch cords and plate with tag holder for markings and for patch cord protection
  • Simple design with a removable cover
  • Mounting brackets with depth adjustment for 19” installation
  • The panel can also be mounted directly on the wall without using 19” rack by installing the mounting brackets in the opposite position
  • The panel is also available with adjustable fibre shelf
  • Nestor Panel Plus can be delivered as a basic assembly, pre-assembled pigtail kit or pre-assembled pigtail cable kit
  • Dimensions 430 (19”) x 140 + 90 x 44 (1U) mm
  • Material Powder-painted galvanized steel
  • Color RAL 7035 (grey)

Basic assembly

  • Frame and cover
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for 19” racks and cabinets
  • Removable guide hooks and plate with tag holder
  • Holder for 12 splice protection sleeves, 2-8 pcs according to fiber count
  • Fastening and grounding materials for incoming cables
  • Mounting screws and nuts for 19” installation
Product Nestor code STK*
Nestor Panel Plus 24 SC-S LV2595 7284618
Nestor Panel Plus 48 SC-D LV2596 7284620
Nestor Panel Plus 48 LC-D LV2597 7284619
Nestor Panel Plus 96 LC-Q LV2598 7284621
Nestor Panel Plus LC 24xSMT pigtail kit LV2616 7284670
Nestor Panel Plus LC 48xSMT pigtail kit LV2617 7284671
Nestor Panel Plus SC 24xSMT pigtail kit LV2618 7284672
Nestor Panel Plus SC 48xSMT pigtail kit LV2619 7284673
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 12xSMT pigtail kit LV2620 7284674
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 24xSMT pigtail kit LV2621 7284675
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 48xSMT pigtail kit LV2622 7284676
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 48xSMT pigtail kit LV2623 7284677
Nestor Panel Plus LC 96xSMT pigtail kit LV2624 7284678
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 96xSMT pigtail kit LV2625 7284679
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 24xSML 5m LV2626 7284680
Nestor Panel Plus SC 24xSML 15m LV2627 7284681
Nestor Panel Plus SC 24xSML 25m LV2628 7284682
Nestor Panel Plus SC 24xSML 50m LV2629 7284683
Nestor Panel Plus SC 48xSML 5m LV2630 7284684
Nestor Panel Plus SC 48xSML 15m LV2631 7284685
Nestor Panel Plus SC 48xSML 25m LV2632 7284686
Nestor Panel Plus SC 48xSML 50m LV2633 7284687
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 48xSML 5m LV2634 7284688
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 48xSML 15m LV2635 7284689
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 48xSML 25m LV2636 7284690
Nestor Panel Plus SC/APC 48xSML 50m LV2637 7284691
Nestor Panel Plus LC 48xSML 5m                          LV2638 7284692
Nestor Panel Plus LC 48xSML 15m LV2639 7284693
Nestor Panel Plus LC 48xSML 25m LV2640 7284694
Nestor Panel Plus LC 48xSML 50m LV2641 7284695
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 48xSML 5m LV2642 7284696
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 48xSML 15m LV2643 7284697
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 48xSML 25m LV2644 7284698
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 48xSML 50m LV2645 7284699
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 2x48xSML 5m LV2646 7284700
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 2x48xSML 15m LV2647 7284701
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 2x48xSML 25m LV2648 7284702
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 2x48xSML 30m LV2649 7284703
Nestor Panel Plus LC/APC 2x48xSML 50m LV2650 7284704


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