Nestor Panel D is an adjustable patch panel for 19” racks and cabinets. Its deep panel frame provides sufficient space for splicing. 


  • Dimensions: 430 (19”) (W) x 367 (D) x 44 (1U) (H) mm
    • The overall depth includes the protection section in front of the panel. The depth of the panel part alone is 280 mm.
  • Material: Powder-painted galvanized steel
  • Color: RAL 7035 (grey)
  • Available with different adapter plates for capacity 24-96 fibers. Adapter alternatives: 
    • SC simplex (24F)
    • SC duplex (48F)
    • LC duplex (48F) 
    • LC quad (96F)
  • Also available with multimode adapters (SC or LC type)
  • The panels can be stacked directly on top of each other
  • Supplied with removable guide hooks for patch cords and plate with tag holder for markings and for patch cord protection
  • Simple design with a removable cover
  • Mounting brackets with depth adjustment for 19” installation
  • Nestor Panel D can be delivered as a basic assembly, pre-assembled pigtail kit or pre-assembled pigtail cable kit 

Basic assembly 

  • Frame and cover
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for 19” racks and cabinets
  • Removable guide hooks and plate with tag holder
  • Holders for splice protection sleeves according to fibre count
  • Fastening and grounding materials for incoming cables
  • Mounting screws and nuts for 19” installation 
Product  Nestor code 
Nestor Panel D 48 SC-D  LV3324
Nestor Panel D 96 LC-Q  LV3323


Pre-assembled pigtail kit 

Product  Nestor code 
Nestor Panel D LC 96xSMT pigtail kit  LV3427
Nestor Panel D LC/APC 96xSMT pigtail kit  LV3428
Nestor Panel D SC/APC 48xSMT pigtail kit  LV3360
Nestor Panel D 12xSMT-SC/APC+12xOM3-SC pigtail kit  LV3361
Nestor Panel D 24xSMT-SC/APC+24xOM3-SC pigtail kit  LV3362


Pre-assembled pigtail cable kit 

Product  Nestor code 
Nestor Panel D SC/APC 48xSML 5m  LV3419