Possibility to place fibre terminations and active equipment into the same cabinet. Cabinets are equipped with accessories for handling a big quantity of fibres. Thanks to individual modules, cabinets can be easily customized according to customer specifications.

  • 19” mounting bars on the front and back of the cabinet frame
  • Removable walls and roof o Multiple door options
  • Adjustable feet in the basic stand
  • Wide entrances for cables on the roof
  • Mounting and grounding plate for incoming cables
  • Cable guides on the management module for handling a big quantity of patch cords
  • Guiding hooks on the mounting module for pigtail cables and for fibre tubes
  • Electric outlet panel with 9 grounded sockets for active equipment
  • A holder for documents inside the front door or side walls


  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Color RAL 7035 (grey)
  • Standard frame sizes
    • 800 (W) x 600 (D) x 2000 (H) mm
    • 800 (W) x 600 (D) x 2200 (H) mm
Product Nestor code STK*
NC-2000 Cabinet frame 800x600x2000mm LV2586 7284648
NC-2000 Side wall LV2586 LV2587 7284743
NC-2000 Back wall LV2586 LV2588 7284744
NC-2000 Basic door LV2586 LV2589 7284745
NC-2000 Door with grill LV2586 LV2590 7284746
NC-2000 Basic door with lock LV2586 LV2591 7284747
NC-2000 Door with grill and lock LV2586 LV2592 7284748
NC-2000 Management module LV2586 LV2593 7284749
NC-2000 Mounting module LV2586 LV2594 7284750
NC-2000 Ceiling LV2575 & LV2586 LV2577 7284751
NC-2000 Document holder LV2575 & LV2586 LV2585 7284752
NC-2000 Cabinet frame 800x600x2200mm LV2575 7284653
NC-2000 Side wall LV2575 LV2576 7284753
NC-2000 Back wall LV2575 LV2578 7284754
NC-2000 Basic door LV2575 LV2579 7284755
NC-2000 Door with grill LV2575 LV2580 7284756
NC-2000 Basic door with lock LV2575 LV2581 7284757
NC-2000 Door with grill and lock LV2575 LV2582 7284758
NC-2000 Management module LV2575 LV2583 7284759
NC-2000 Mounting module LV2575 LV2584 7284760
Mounting and grounding plate for 19” racks LV1151 7284160
Electric outlet panel with 9 grounded sockets LV2604 7284761

Guiding hook for patch cords, 10 pcs/packet

LV1228 7284196

Storage shelf for patch cords NC-2000

LV1230 7284198

Guide for patch cords NC-2000, grey

LV1537 7284334
Guiding panel 1U NC-2000 LV1291 7284234
Splice tray holder NC-2000, vertical LV1293 7284235
Splice tray holder NC-2000, horizontal LV1652 7284459


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