• In the Nestor Optimus product family, there are microducts both for direct buried installation and for installation in protective ducts.
    • Direct buried installation is carried out by digging, microtrenching or ploughing.
    • Installation in protective or cable ducts can be carried out either by pushing, pulling or blowing.
  • The microduct bundles may be provided with a tracer wire which allows the bundle to be located from the ground.
  • Currently, our selection ranges from single ducts to bundles of 12 ducts.
    • The outer/inner diameter of our smallest microduct is 5/3.5 mm.
    • The outer/inner diameter of our largest microduct is 20/14 mm.
  • Microducts can be colour-coded according to international standards.
  • Microducts are made from HDPE.

Microduct and microduct bundles