No jelly inside the loose tubes nor cable core.


  • Optical fibres: Coloured single-mode fibres according to the ITU-T G.652.D.
  • Secondary coating: Dry loose tubes made of thermoplastic material. Water-blocking yarn in each tube.
  • Fillers: Plastic fillers when applicable.
  • Central strength member: Glass fibre reinforced plastic.
  • Cable core stranding: The secondary coating tubes and fillers (when needed) are SZ-stranded around the central strength member.
  • Water blocking: Dry water blocking elements are applied to the cable core.
  • Wrapping: Fire retardant tape
  • Rip cord: A non-metallic rip cord is applied under the sheath.
  • Outer sheath: Flame retardant, halogen free and UV resistant plastic (LSZH). Colour of the sheath is orange. Minimum sheath thickness is 1.3 mm. Nominal sheath thickness is 1,5 mm.

All of our fibre optic and copper cables are halogen-free.

STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Length Drum
0217478 L11104


11 mm

121 kg/km 2000 m K11
0217479 L11105 2x12xSML

11 mm

119 kg/km 2000 m K11
0217480 L11106 4x12xSML

11 mm

115 kg/km 2000 m K11
0217481 L11107 8x12xSML 12,5 mm 143 kg/km 2000 m K12


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Max. tension

1500 N

Crush strength with 100 mm plate during usage

800 N

Crush strength with 100 mm plate during installation

1500 N

Temperature range during operation, storage, transport

-45 - +60 °C

Temperature range during installation

-15 - +60 °C

Reaction to fire (CPR)

Cca - s1a, d0, a1

Minimum bending radius

Installed 10 x diameter, during installation 20 x diameter