ULW Ultra light weight fibre optic cable is optical fibre cable for aerial and duct installations. Aerial self-supporting maximum span length is 68 m.

Cable is designed to meet British Telecom CW1842 specification and it is PIA approved. 


  • Optical fibres: Coloured single-mode fibres according to the ITU-T G.657.A1. 
  • Secondary coating: Flexible colour coded fibre modules. Fibres are housed in thin walled tubes made of soft elastomeric material. 
  • Water blocking: Water blocking yarns. 
  • Strength members: Two brass coated steel strength members 3 x 0,32 mm. 
  • Outer sheath: UV resistant black polyethylene compound (HDPE). Nominal sheath thickness is 1,5 mm. Outer sheath has two 1,25 mm yellow identification stripes.
  • Sheath marking: Marking printed on the sheath at one meter interval: Nestor Cables - cable type - lot number - year of manufacture - length marking. Customer specific marking available.

Standard references: 

  • Cable properties: IEC 60794-3-11
  • Test methods: IEC 60794-1-2x
  • Halogen free: IEC 60754-2
  • Optical performance: Accordance with the requirements of BT Specification CW 1505 Category 2
Fibre count Fibre grouping Fibre Diameter  Weight 
 12 1x12 250 µm 7,0 mm 34 kg/km
24 2x12 250 µm 7,0 mm 35 kg/km
36 3x12 250 µm 7,0 mm 36 kg/km
48 4x12 250 µm 7,0 mm 37 kg/km
96 4x24 200 µm 7,0 mm -


Cable characteristics  
Max. tension during installation 1250 N
Crush strength with 100 mm plate 2000 N
Bending radius during installation (dynamic) 20 x Diameter
Bending radius final installation (static) 10 x Diameter
Temperature range (operation, storage, transport) -30 to +70 °C
Temperature range (installation)  -15 to +60 °C