• Standards: Testing EN 50289-x-x, EN 50290-x-x.
  • Reaction to fire: Fca


  • Conductor: Stranded tinned copper.
  • Insulation: Solid PE.
  • Pair: Two conductors twisted together with an earth conductor. Each pair individually shielded with plastic-aluminium tape. Each pair is identified by a number tape. In pairs all a-conductors are blue and b-conductors are red coloured.
  • Unit: Two or four pairs are stranded together to form a unit.
  • Common screen: Plastic-aluminium tape with earth conductor.
  • Inner sheath: Grey (RAL 7035) HFFR.
  • Armouring: Both side plastic-coated corrugated steel-tape applied longitudinally over an inner sheath. Nominal thickness of the steel tape is 0,15 mm.
  • Outer sheath: Black PE.

All of our fibre optic and copper cables are halogen-free.


STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Length Drum
0217239 L10513


16,4 mm 262 kg/km 1000 m K12




19,5 mm 382 kg/km 1000 m K12
0217293 L10517


22,6 mm

501 kg/km 1000 m K14
0217294 L10518


27,9 mm 833 kg/km 1000 m K18