•  Frequency range up to 10 MHz.
  • Standards: Cable characteristics SFS 5012. Testing EN 50289-x-x, EN 50290-x-x.
  • Reaction to fire: Fca


  • Conductor: Annealed copper wire, nominal diameter 0,5/0,6/0,8 mm.
  • Insulation: Foam-skin PE.
  • Pair twisting: Two insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair. Different insulation colours are used for pair identification; see colour code.
  • Basic unit: Ten pairs are stranded together to form a unit and coloured plastic ribbons are used for unit identification; see colour code.
  • Main unit: Five or ten basic units are stranded to a main unit. Numbered plastic ribbons are used for main unit identification.
  • Stranding: Units and main units are stranded together to form a compact cable core.
  • Filling compound: The interstices of the cable core are filled with a non-toxic and dermatological safe filling compound.
  • Wrapping: The cable core is wrapped with a plastic insulating waterblocking tape bound crosswise with two polyester yarns.
  • Moisture barrier: An aluminium tape coated on one side with a polymer and a ground wire tinned copper conductor 0,8 mm (?50 -pair cables two tinned copper conductors 0,8 mm).
  • Outer sheath: The cable sheath consists of UV resistant black PE.

All of our fibre optic and copper cables are halogen-free.

STK* Nestor code Size Diameter Weight Min. sheath thickness Length Drum
0217001 L10004 3x2x0,5 8,6 mm 65 kg/km 1,6 mm 1000 m K7
0217003 L10001 10x2x0,5 11,5 mm 120 kg/km 1,6 mm 1000 m K9
0217004 L10006 20x2x0,5 14 mm 190 kg/km 1,6 mm 1000 m K11
0217006 L10008 50x2x0,5 20 mm 400 kg/km 1,6 mm 1000 m


0217007 L10009 100x2x0,5 26,5 mm 730 kg/km 1,8 mm 1000 m K16