Spring Greetings from the CEO – The Beginning of the Year Marked by Trade Shows and Strikes

Mon Apr 08 10:22:00 2024

The calendar year at Nestor Cables Oy has kicked off with numerous trade shows. We've been exhibiting at shows in Jyväskylä, Wiesbaden, Berlin, and next up are Manchester and Cologne. Trade shows are an effective way to meet current and future customers, as well as showcase the latest product innovations and trends. Especially in the German and UK markets, there's still a lot of marketing and sales work to be done, even though we've been supplying products to Germany for over 10 years. In Germany, we already have three sales representatives, and now we have one in the UK as well.

This year, there has been plenty of snow in both southern and northern Finland, but hopefully, it will soon melt away, and we can resume supplying fibre optic cables and microducts to the Finnish market as well. The construction of fibre optic networks seems to be continuing at a good pace in Finland, with many industry players making significant investments in their networks. The economic downturn may not have hit Finland's fibre network construction as hard as it has in Germany and the UK. Demand in both markets has been weaker over the past year, but fortunately, it's gradually returning to a better level.

Finland's state of economy is not commendable, and the increasing state debt requires spending cuts. Where and how to cut expenses is a difficult question. Unfortunately, the situation has led to a wave of political strikes, causing production disruptions, halting container traffic of export products leaving Finland, and having the same impact on incoming container traffic of raw materials to Finland. Other freight traffic has also become more difficult and slower. Fortunately, at Nestor Cables, we have, at least for the time being, found alternative routes for raw material deliveries, and our production lines in Oulu have been running almost normally despite the strikes.

We can only hope that solutions will be found to the deadlock, and the strikes will not continue into the spring. As we all know, Finland relies on exports, and its operations cannot afford to be jeopardized. On the other hand, we need many raw materials imported from abroad, which we process in Finland for both export and domestic markets. Let's keep the wheels of Finnish industry and commerce turning and contribute to Finland's upward trajectory!

With sunny spring regards,

Jarmo Rajala, 
CEO of Nestor Cables