More efficient production with expertise from Pinja

Tue Feb 02 14:13:00 2021

We are constantly developing our production to be more efficient and productive, and last year we enlisted the help of Pinja's experts because we needed a partner to support us in the final steps and putting the things into practice.

For example, Pinja helped us to identify waste and central problems and bottlenecks of in product changes in our production. Based on these observations we started making changes: persons in charge were appointed to all work steps and schedules were defined for further development actions. The procedure has inspired us to carry out similar activities in all work stations and create new practices for daily management.

“Particularly, I take my hat off to Pinja’s experts Teemu Rovio and Janne Lamberg, who were able to see very quickly that it was not a new system that would solve our problems but the best result would be achieved by improving our internal processes to make them more efficient and productive”, tells Olli Tuovinen, Production Director of Nestor Cables.

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