The capacity of the NC-400 joint closure is now 480 fibres

Tue Aug 30 14:38:00 2022

The joint closure NC-400, which belongs to our NesCon product family, is a universal joint closure of fibre optic networks. The structure of the joint closure has now been developed so that its capacity increases to 480 fibre connections. The previous capacity was 432 fibre connections. 

It is now possible to install five NC-96 universal splice trays in the NC-400 joint closure so its capacity is a total of 480 fibre connections. In this product development, we wanted to use the space inside the joint closure as efficiently as possible.

The NC-400 has long been one of our most popular joint closures and can be installed directly to the ground, to a cable well and with a separate mounting bracket to the wall or to a pole. The NC-400 joint closure can be used for the mid-span access. The joint closure has six 23-millimeter and one oval-shaped cable inlets (internal dimensions 55.6 x 40.9 mm): each round cable inlet can take 2 or 3 house cables inside.

Read more about the joint closure on the NC-400 product page!