Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in our operations continue

Wed Mar 20 09:55:00 2024

In recent years, we have paid attention to our production's carbon footprint and have taken measures to reduce it. This is part of our sustainability work, where we focus, for example, on the environmental friendliness of our operations. 

Last year, the carbon dioxide emissions from our Oulu factory were 252.3 tonnes of CO2 eq. In 2022, emissions were 258.29 tonnes of CO2 eq., so we managed to reduce emissions slightly.

Carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by about 6 tonnes, or 2.3%, compared to 2022. Emissions have been reduced particularly in waste management (-1.5 t), electricity usage (-4 t), and diesel-powered forklifts (-0.8 t).

The major contributors to CO2 emissions in our production are electricity production, which generates indirect emissions from renewable hydropower, and the handling of energy, wood packaging, and plastic waste generated in production, which is utilized as energy through incineration.

The recycling rate of waste has remained at the same level compared to 2022, at about 13%. To increase the recycling rate of waste in production, the collection of PE surplus pipes and fibre drums will begin in 2024. These will be sent for recycling into raw material for recycled plastic.

In 2023, we continued the use of carbon-neutral district heating and renewable hydropower as sources of heating energy and electricity. In this way, CO2 emissions have been avoided by 253 tonnes (district heating) and 679 tonnes (electricity).