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Optical fibre cable

Fibre connections are becoming continuously more common and contain, within the same subscriber line, almost unlimited possibilities for Internet, speech and TV services. Services in health and well-being, safety, remote work, education and entertainment, high-definition TV and express messaging – fibre optics represent the only solution which can reliably meet the needs of households in the future.

Nestor Cables’ comprehensive range of optical fibre cables offers dependable solutions for various installation conditions and special requirements.

Fibre optic cables are delivered to customers by using drums. Learn more about drum measurements and weights.

Brochures about our company and products can be found on our website in PDF form.

Aerial cable

All-dielectric self-supporting cables (ADSS) are non-metallic so they are free from lightning and overvoltage problems when used along electrical power lines. They are designed to be lightweigh but also strong...

Cables for industrial premises

A variety of our most popular cables are available with OM1 or OM3 multimode fibres or as hybrid cables including both single-mode and multimode fibres.

Direct buried cable

Direct buried cables are buried under the ground without separate coverings, and therefore they might face extreme conditions, for example changing temperatures and moisture. Installation environment dictates the needed level...

Duct cable

Fibre optic cables must be rigid yet flexible enough to be installed into duct systems. Our range of cables includes many options for duct installation, and there are for example...

Indoor/outdoor cable

When installing cables to a building, for example in Fibre to the Home applications, safe cables which can be installed both inside and outside the building are needed.

Submarine cable

A submarine communications cable is a cable laid on the sea between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals.

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