CEO's spring greetings

Tue Apr 11 09:00:00 2023

Nestor Cables’ calendar year has started briskly. The demand for optical cables and microducts in the market has been at a record level and we have been able to effectively use almost all of our production capacity right from the beginning of the year. Many fiber optic network builders have wanted to make sure already during the winter that the construction of the network is at least not tied to the availability of cables and microducts and that the construction work can be started as soon as the weather permits. 

Sustainability is one of Nestor's five values, and sustainability also involves taking the environment and climate into account in one's own operations. We have been monitoring the carbon footprint of our production since 2019 with the help of an external party. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of production, we have switched to using 100% hydroelectric power. We have also acquired carbon-neutral district heating and electric forklifts for our factory. Thanks to these actions, the carbon footprint has been reduced by almost 75 percent between 2019 and 2023.

We also strive to develop our products so that their carbon footprint is even smaller. This will be realized by designing our products to be even thinner or smaller. We use even less materials in the production of the cable, and these cables with a smaller diameter can then be blown into even smaller microchannels.

As I write this text, there is beautiful spring sunshine outside and the snow is shining blindingly white. However, drops of water are already promisingly dripping from the edge of the roof, so we’ll soon be able to build fiber optic networks again.  

I wish all our customers and partners a sunny spring and good network building weather!

Jarmo Rajala