24.02.2021 - Blog
Read greetings from Nestor Cables' CEO!

Despite COVID-19, 2020 was a good year for Nestor - 2021 has also started rapidly despite the cold w...

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17.02.2021 - Blog
Our new Optimus Combi combines fibre optic cable and microducts into one product

A new Optimus Combi combining the FZ4RMU Flex 3,5 kN direct buried cable and two microducts will arr...

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11.02.2021 - Blog
We reduced the carbon footprint of our production!

Last year, we measured the carbon footprint of our production and since then we have taken steps to ...

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02.02.2021 - Recent
More efficient production with expertise from Pinja

We are constantly developing our production to be more efficient and productive, and last year we en...

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28.01.2021 - Blog
Our factory runs in an environmentally friendly way

Responsibility and environmental friendliness of our operations have always been important to Nestor...

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