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Nestor Cables Ltd

Since 2007 Nestor Cables’ factory in Oulu has manufactured tens of thousands of cable kilometers each year. The cables – fibre optic cables, copper telecom and instrumentation cables – are delivered to projects all around the world to create reliable modern communication networks. The cornerstones of Nestor Cables’ operation are their commitment to high quality and long-standing experience in cable industry.

Nestor Cables’ fibre optic cable product range includes products for different installation conditions and special circumstances. Their typical customers are telecom operators, network contractors and wholesalers. Fibre optic cables are also used in power stations, security sector, industrial facilities and various special projects – recently Nestor Cables has supplied cables for applications in data centers and wind power farms. Portable fibre optic cable units by Nestor Cables are used by both the Defense Forces and civilian actors, including event organizers and media companies.

The NesCon product family by Nestor Cables includes essential installation and connection accessories for fibre optic networks, from ODFs to joint closures and terminations. All NesCon products are compatible with Nestor Cables’ optical fibre cables.

In addition to their range of cables and NesCon products, Nestor Cables provides several kinds of cabling solutions (FTTx) such as fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) or fibre-to-the-home (FTTH).