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Portable fibre optic cable units

Portable fibre optic cable units are developed based on military cable systems, and they can be used to create fast and easily temporary fibre optic cable networks. In civilian use such networks are often needed during public  events like festivals, fairs or sports events.

Field cable FTMRMU »

Field cable FTMRMU is used in outdoor installations. Its outer diameter is 4,6 mm and weight 17 kg/km. It includes 2 or 4 singlemode fibres G.657.A1. Vaipan väri on musta. Colour of the sheath is black. Maximum tension is 700 N. Crush strength with...

Optical fibre connectors »

Nestor Cables has also in its selection suitable optical fibre connectors for the solution. Cables can be delivered with normal SC/UPC, SC/APC and LC/UPC connectors or with new IP67-tight IP-LC and special LC-Duplex connectors.

Special cable reels »

Portable optical fibre cable units are delivered on special 1-hand reels, which have been developed just for these purposes. Unreeling for use and reeling back after use are very easy! Size of a special cable reel is: width 410 mm, height 450 mm ja...

Special field cable FTRMSU »

Special field cable FTRMSU was developed based on our field cable FTMRMU, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. The cable has 2 or 4 singlemode fibres. G.657.A1. Outer diameter is 4,6 mm, and weight 17 kg/km. Colour of the sheath is light grey...