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Fibre To The Antennas - FTTA

FTTA solution without the need for the junction box

This new NesCon® FTTA solution is based on the connectorized main feeder cable, watertight IP-LC connectors and separate jumper cables to RRU’s. The same solutions can be used with 3G and 4G networks as well with the systems coming from different suppliers.

The main feeder cable has alternatively 6, 12 or 24 fibres and the length can be specified by the customer from 20 to 150 m. The jumper cables with two singlemode fibres are supplied from one end with IP-LC connectors that will be connected with IP-LC adapters to the connectors of the main feeder cable. The other ends of the jumper cables are supplied with the connectors that are compatible with the interfaces of RRU’s like LC Duplex or FULL AXS connectors. The standard length of the jumper cables is 3 m but other lengths are also available.

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FTTA patch cable »

The FTTA patch cable consists of two singlemode fibres, which are terminated at one end to IP-LC connectors, and at the other end to connectors compatible with RRU interface, for example LC-Duplex. The standard length of patch cords is 3 m. Customer...

FTTA riser cable »

The riser cable is a non-metallic indoor/outdoor duct cable FYORMU developed by Nestor Cables. It has central tube construction and therefore it is very crush resistant. Aramid fibre armouring of the cable gives high tensile strength and good...

IP-LC connectors »

The connector is based on the standard IEC 61076-3-106 and it is compatible with other ODVA connectors, which comply with this standard and are developed for outdoor and harsh environments.

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