In water supply and pressurized sewer systems data transmission is needed from monitoring station to pumping plants, water intake plants and sewage treatment plants. This has been traditionally implemented with radio links, but in new water supply and sewer systems optical fibre cables have been taken in use either parallel with radio links or exclusively. The most important advantage of optical fibre cables is the reliability of transmission, because the optical fibres are totally immune to electromagnetic interferences. The use of optical fibres in these projects is not very general, yet, but it is increasing with new projects.

Nestor Cables has been developing and delivering optical fibre cables and accessories in several water supply and sewage engineering projects, and based on these experiences we have developed our own optical fibre concept including all cables of optical fibre links, joints, terminations and connection accessories. Because the optical fibre links are only a small part in water supply and sewage engineering projects, we have developed our concept to be as simple as possible.

Optical fibre cables

In water supply and sewage engineering projects the same basic directly buried cables (for example classic FYOVD2PMU) can be used as in telecommunications, but if also electric cables are installed into the same ditch, the optical fibre cables shall be non-metallic in order to avoid induction from electric fields to metallic parts of optical fibre cables. Therefore, our concept includes also non-metallic directly buried optical fibre cables and non-metallic duct cables, which are blown to duct pipes suitable for this installation method.

Joint closures

NC-400 series joint closures developed by Nestor Cables have so called butt joints. They are water tight and are made of acid-proof steel. They can be installed directly into the ground, man/hand holes or cabinets. The design of the closures enables very easy installation, but also highest reliability. Closures are available in many sizes, from 12 fibres to 288 fibres. They are delivered as factory assembled joint closure packets, excluding splice protection sleeves.  For water supply and sewage engineering projects, where the number of fibres are often small, Nestor Cables offers basically two joint closure alternatives. NC-450 24-k v.2 is suitable for maximum 24 fibres and NC-450 48-k v.2. for maximum 48 fibres.

Optical fibre termination closures for sewage treatment plants, pumping plants and water intake plants

The product concept for terminating optical fibre cables at sewage treatment plants, pumping plants and water intake plants includes tight termination closures NC-160A and NC-135A for indoor or outdoor wall mounting.

Optical fibre cable termination closures for monitoring stations

In monitoring stations, the optical fibre cables are generally terminated to normal 19-inch patch panels, which are installed in the same cabinet with active network equipment. Nestor Cables’ patch panel for this purpose is NC-232 with termination capacity of 48 fibres. The height of the panel is 1 U (44,45 mm) and they can be installed directly one above the other. This enables an efficient space using and management of patch cord by guides at the same time. Panels are delivered as a basic assembly or factory assembled with 12, 24 or 48 fibres including mounted adapters, colour coded fibre pigtail sets and splice protection sleeves according to the number of fibres.

Other termination accessories for termination

In addition to closures and panels the concept also includes fibre pigtails, connector adapters and splice protection sleeves needed in termination of optical fibre cables.

Optical fibre patch cords

For connections between cable network termination closures and to active equipment and for other connections in the network Nestor Cables offers single fibre (simplex) and two fibre (duplex) patch cords with SC and LC connectors. The standard length of patch cords is 2 m, Fibre pigtail set but also other lengths are available.