When an optical fibre cable is installed up near to the remote radio unit located on tower or on top of building, we speak about FTTA. FTTA is an abbreviation and it means Fibre To The Antenna. In fact, the fibre does not extend to the antenna, but the signal is converted to radio frequency signal in the remote radio unit, which is connected with a short coaxial jumper to the antenna.

FTTA riser cable

The number of fibres of the riser cable is 6, 12 or 24 and it has customer specified length of 20…150 m. The upper end of the cable is factory terminated to IP-LC connectors. At the other end of the patch cord there are connectors compatible with RRU unit, for example LC-Duplex or FULL AXS connectors.

FTTA patch cable

In addition to riser cable, FTTA solutions require patch cable. The recommended patch cord in our selection consists of two singlemode fibres. At one end fibres are terminated to IP-LC connectors and at the other end to connectors compatible with RRU interface such as LC-Duplex. The standard length of patch cords is 3 m, but we can also deliver customer specified lengths according to your needs.

Patch panel

Sometimes a patch panel is needed to be used between cable and active equipment. A recommended patch panel from our selection is NC-232 LC-D.

IP-LC connectors

In our FTTA solution cables are terminated with IP-LC connectors. We offer connectors, which are based on the standard IEC 61076-3-106 and have compatibility with ODVA connectors, which withstand harsh environments outdoors.

Products for FTTA solutions