The role of optical fibre cabling in data centers is very big and with increasing transmission rates it grows further. In optical fibre cabling both singlemode and multimode fibres are used. The minimum performance requirement for multimode fibres is category OM3, but category OM4 is becoming more common, because it supports longer distances than OM3 at transmission rates 10 Mbit/s and more. Category OS1 and OS2 singlemode fibres are used in the network access cabling and in cabling sections, which are longer than 150 m.

Nestor Cables has developed cable and accessory solutions for optical fibre cabling in data centers. From our standard product selection, we have chosen the most suitable products for data center environments.

Fibre optic cables

The suitable cable type for data center environment is indoor/outdoor cable FZ2RMSU Flex-D, which has flexible tube construction. The number of fibres in the cable is 4…192 and it is a totally dry cable with no jelly. FZ2RMSU Flex-D is available with singlemode fibres, multimode fibres or combination of both. FZ2RMSU Flex-D is fire retardant according to the standard IEC 60332-3 and its outer diameter is 7,9…9,6 mm depending on the number of fibres.

Optical fibre patch panels for rack installation

Optical fibre patch panels, are powder-painted metallic closures with termination capacity of 24, 48 or 96 fibres. The height of the panels is 1 U (44,45 mm) and they can be installed directly one above the other. Suitable products from Nestor Cables panel selection are NC-232 LC-D with termination capacity of 48 fibres and NC-210 LC-Q with termination capacity for 96 fibres.

Fibre pigtails and fibre pigtail sets for termination

Fibre pigtails are available with SC and LC connectors and with OS2 singlemode fibres and OM3 and OM4 multimode fibres. The lengths are 2 m for singlemode fibres and 1,5 m for multimode fibres. Colour coded fibre pigtail sets are available with singlemode 

Connector adapters for termination

The types of connector adapters are SC-simplex, SC-duplex, LC-duplex and LC-quad. The adapters for singlemode fibres have ceramic alignment sleeves and the adapters for multimode fibres have metallic alignment sleeves. The colour of singlemode adapters is blue, and the colour of OM3 and OM4 multimode adapters is beige or turquoise depending 

Optical fibre patch cords

In data center connections both short and longer patch cords are needed. In connections between patch panels and active equipment within the equipment cabinets short patch cords with one or two fibre are needed, but between distributors longer singlemode and multimode patch cords are needed. Nestor Cables offering for data centers includes 1-fibre and 2-fibre as well as 12- and 24- fibre patch cords with fibre types of OS2, OM3 and OM4 and with SC and LC connectors. The standard lengths of 1- and 2-fibre patch cords are 2, 3, 5 and 10 m, but also customer specified lengths are available up to 50 m. The cable type of 12- and 24-fibre patch cords is FRMS and these cables are always delivered with customer specified lengths.

19-inch connection cabinets and racks

Nestor Cables has developed its own connection cabinet NC-2000. The design of NC-2000 connection cabinet takes into account the requirements due to cable termination, patch cord management and heat load of active equipment. Cabinets are factory assembled and equipped including for example patch cord guides and fixing and earthing bars for incoming cables and grid doors in the front and back sides. The dimensions are 2000 x 800 x 600 mm and 2000 x 800 x 800 mm. Additional accessories are available for patch cord management.

MPO connecting hardware

With the increasing number of fibres in the optical fibre cabling in data centers the use of 12- and 24-fibre MPO connectors and other MPO connecting hardware has become more and more common. Nestor Cables is able to deliver MPO connecting hardware and we are developing our product selection continuously.

Protection of patch cords between connection cabinets

When multifiber patch cords are used between racks, they can be installed in conventional cable trays with other cables. When 1-fibre FMS type patch cords are used, they shall be installed in own trays in order to avoid mechanical stresses, such as compressions caused by other cables. Mechanical stresses cause extra attenuation in fibres. Nestor Cables has developed NesCon fibre tray system for protecting patch cords. This system consists of basic trays made of aluminium and with length of 1200 mm and width of 150 mm as well as direct and side vertical trays with same dimensions for patch cords coming down from the horizontal tray. The system also consists of a complete selection of branching, jointing and supporting components, which make it easy to protect patch cords between racks in small or large data centers.

Products for data centers