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Cooperation with Gorset Ltd.

Since 2013 Nestor Cables has cooperated with Russian company Gorset Ltd. to build an alternative cable duct network in the Yekaterinburg city.

Nestor Cables has been the supplier of micro cables (FZOMU-SD micro 12x12xSML (diam. 8,4 mm), designed for blowing into the micro ducts) and micro ducts (Duct 50/43mm with several pre-installed micro ducts 14/12mm). The cables have special features concerning dry water blocking elements instead of jelly filling in cable construction and all products have needed certificates for installation in the telecommunication networks in Russia.

The project aims to build alternative cable duct network in the Yekaterinburg city: length of the 1st phase is 53 km (2013 - 2014) and its extension 300 – 600 km (2015 – 2017). During 2013 – April 2014, Gorset Ltd. has bought 108 km of the duct with pre-installed micro ducts and the first lots of micro cable.

In a letter of recommendation Gorset Ltd. states: “Product quality, terms, conditions and reliability of the deliveries are totally according to our corporate requirements and international industry requirements. Thus, we’re noticing the high quality of the production and operations of Nestor Cables Ltd."