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FZOMU-SD Flex Micro

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Flexible optical fibre cable for microduct installation by blowing

Declaration of Performance (document number NC17029)

Maximum tension during installation- 24- 48 fibres750 N
- 96 - 192 fibres1 000 N
Temperature range- Installation-15 - +60 ºC
- Operation, storage, transport-40 - +70 °C
Crush strength with 100 mm plate500 N
Reaction to fire (CPR)Fca
Cable sizeNestor codeDiameter mmWeight kg/kmMinimum bending radius during installation / installedLength mDrum
2x12xSMLL107255,826120 mm / 80 mm4000K9
4x12xSMLL107265,826120 mm / 80 mm4000K9
8x12xSMLL106116,234130 mm / 105 mm4000K9
6x24xSMLL107277,341150 mm / 105 mm4000K11
8x24xSMLL108318,152170 mm / 105 mm4000K12
Optical fibres Coloured single-mode fibres according to the ITU-T G.652.D.
Secondary coating Flexible colour coded fibre modules. Fibres are housed in thin walled tubes made of soft elastomeric material (polyester elastomer).
Fillers Plastic fillers when applicable.
Central strength member Glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP).
Cable core stranding The fibre tubes and fillers (when needed) are SZ-stranded around the central strength member.
Water blocking Dry water blocking elements are applied to the cable core.
Rip cord A non-metallic rip cord is applied under the sheath.
Outer sheath UV resistant black polyethylene compound (HDPE). Nominal sheath thickness is 0,6 mm.
Sheath marking Marking printed on the sheath at one meter interval: Nestor Cables - cable type - lot number - year of manufacture - length marking.