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Indoor/outdoor cable

When installing cables to a building, for example in Fibre to the Home applications, safe cables which can be installed both inside and outside the building are needed.

Nestor Cables’ product range includes a variety of indoor - outdoor cables. Among more traditional FZOMSU-SD and FZOMSU-SD Mini cables we can also offer FZ2RMSU Flex with a newly developed flexible tube construction.

Safety first

In fibre optic cables for indoor - outdoor installation safety is a necessity, and it is important that these cables fullfill certain standards. In our indoor - outdoor cable range you can find fibre optic cables which are halogen-free, flame retardant and low smoke according to international standards. Nestor Cables’ quality assurance and testing facilities for all necessary routine and type tests are according to the international standards.


FTMSU fibre optic cable


Non-metallic tight-buffered optical fibre cable for indoor and outdoor FTTX applications (riser, distribution and drop cable) Our product range includes an original version of FTMSU that is classified as Dca -s2, d2, a2 and an upgraded version that...

FZ2RMSU Flex »

Lightweight halogen free fibre optic cable based on flexible loose tubes that are easy to handle and strip FZ2RMSU Flex is stranded fibre optic cable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to its small size it can be installed...
FZMSU fibre optic cable


Universal non-metallic optical fibre cable for both indoor and outdoor applications (duct installation in ground). No jelly inside the loose tubes nor cable core.


Halogen free and flame retardant fibre optic cable FZOMSU-SD is a stranded cable suitable for duct installation outdoors and indoors. The cable is fire retardant according to the IEC 60332-1. Declaration of Performance (document number NC17027)


Lightweigh, halogen free and UV resistant fibre optic cable FZOMSU-SD Mini is a universal stranded cable suitable for duct installation both indoors and outdoors. The cable is fire retardant according to the IEC 60332-1. Declaration of Performance (...