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Aerial cable

All-dielectric self-supporting cables (ADSS) are non-metallic so they are free from lightning and overvoltage problems when used along electrical power lines. They are designed to be lightweigh but also strong enough to be installed between support towers. The cables must also withstand strain of the natural elements, for example wind and ice.

Nestor Cables product range includes a variety of all-dielectric self-supporting cables. ADSS 3 kN FYORMU and ADSS 3 kN FZORMU-SD are meant for short span power lines whereas ADSS 8 kN FZOMRMU-SD is suitable for longer span (even 150 metres) power lines.

Installation of ADD cables: ADSS cables are installed to poles by using hangers which are designed especially for this use. Installation height must be determined according to local standards and rules for example to avoid interference caused by traffic.

We can also manufacture fibre optic cables with a suspension wire. For example classic FYOHBMUK with self-supporting figure-8 construction has a maximum span length of 60 metres.


Lightweigh optical fibre cable for aerial installation for short span power lines ADSS 3 kN FZORMU-SD replaces the cable ADSS 3 kN FYORMU that was previously in our range. Declaration of Performance (document number NC17013)


Optical fibre cable for aerial installation for longer span (even 150 metres) power lines Declaration of Performance (document number NC17014) ADSS 3 kN FYORMU is an optical fibre cable with 24-96 fibres. ADSS (All-Dielectric Self Supporting) cables...


Classic fibre optic cable with a suspension wire for aerial installation FYOHBMUK is a cable with self-supporting figure-8 construction. The maximum span length of the cable is 60 metres. The fibres of FYOHBMUK are in a plastic core tube and the...