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Splice cabinets

Splice cabinet NC-300 »

Splice cabinet NC-300 is suitable for up to 192 fibres, and for both indoor and outdoor installations. In outdoor installations NC-300 is placed inside another splice cabinet, splice cabinets K00, K0 or K1, or Kabeldon cabinet. There is space for 4...

Splice cabinet NC-310 »

Splice cabinet NC-310 includes an outdoor cabinet with a fixed base and a splice module for optical fibres. The advantages of this solutions are small size, simple and compact construction and inexpensive price. The product has been designed...

Splice cabinet NC-330 »

Splice cabinet NC-330 is designed for direct wall installations and it suits for different cable constructions. Cables can be taken into the cabinet from the top or from the bottom. During installations the cable inlets can be removed for helping...