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Microduct cable

Nestor Cables' selection for microduct networks includes cables with 1 - 288 fibres. Tests on our testing ground and in practice have shown the excellent blowing properties of the cables. The cables are easy to handle and install. Our selection also includes cables with a flexible cable construction.

FYORMU Micro 4,0 mm »

Optical fibre cable with 4-12 fibres for microduct installation by blowing FYORMU Micro is a fibre optical cable for microducts. The cable has a core tube and under the sheath of the cable aramide yarns act as strength elements. Declaration of...

FZOMU-SD Micro »

Optical fibre cable for microduct installation by blowing FZOMU-SD Micro is a cable for microducts. Its secondary coating tubes are stranded around the central strength member and water blocking is achieved through dry water blocking elements...