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Instrumentation indoor cable for automation, process control and audio systems.

Halogen-free NESMAK-HF replaces NESMAK and NESMAK-LSZH cables starting from February 2016. NESMAK-HF is tested according to EN60332-3-22.

Declaration of Performance (document number NC17001)

ApplicationInstrumentation indoor cable for automation, process control and audio systems.
StandardsEN 50289-x-x, EN 50290-x-x
Fire testingEN 50399, EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3-22.
Reaction to fire, pair count: 2x2x0,5+0,5 - 4x2x0,5+0,5Dca -s2,d2,a2
Reaction to fire, pair count: 8x2x0,5+0,5 - 48x2x0,5+0,5Eca
Nestor SSTL codeCable typeDiameter, mm Weight, kg/km Min. sheath thickness, mm Length/Drum
L10797 0217415NESMAK-HF 2x2x0,5+0,5 7,5590,91000/K6
L10798 0217416NESMAK-HF 2x2x0,5+0,5 500 m 7,5590,9500/P5
L10799 0217417NESMAK-HF 2x2x0,5+0,5 200 m 7,5590,9200/P4
L10800 0217418NESMAK-HF 4x2x0,5+0,5 9890,91000K7
L10801 0217419NESMAK-HF 4x2x0,5+0,5 500 m 9890,9500/P5
L10802 0217420NESMAK-HF 4x2x0,5+0,5 200 m 9890,9200/P4
L10803 0217421NESMAK-HF 8x2x0,5+0,5 12,31520,91000/K9
L10804 0217422NESMAK-HF 8x2x0,5+0,5 200 m 12,31520,9200/P5
L10805 0217423NESMAK-HF 12x2x0,5+0,5 13,72100,91000/K10
L10806 0217424NESMAK-HF 24x2x0,5+0,5 18,83920,91000/K12
L10807 0217425NESMAK-HF 48x2x0,5+0,5 257231,41000/K16
ConductorStranded annealed copper 7x0,29 mm
InsulationHalogen-free material
PairTwo conductors twisted together. Each pair is identified by a number printed on the surface of an insulated conductor. In all pairs a-conductors are orange and b-conductors are white coloured
UnitTwo or four pairs are stranded together to form a unit
Common screenPlastic-aluminium tape with an tinned earth conductor 7x0,29 mm
SheathGrey (RAL 7035) halogen-free flame retardant material