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Instrumentation cable

For the needs of industry and construction, Nestor Cables offers copper-conducted instrumentation and automation cables as well as central and signaling cables manufactured with the most modern equipment in the world.

Cables are delivered to customers by using drums. Learn more about drum measurements and weights.

Brochures about our company and products can be found on our website in PDF form.

Starting from February 2016 there will be changes in our instrumentation cable constructions.

Because the requirements for instrumentation cables have changed we will from now on produce KJAAM, NESMAK and MHS cables with halogen-free flame retardant (bunched cables) constructions. We will remove KJAAM, KJAAM-LSZH, NESMAK, NESMAK-LSZH and MHS-LSZH cables from our product portfolio and these constructions will be replaced by KJAAM-HF, NESMAK-HF and MHS-HF.

These new constructions are tested according to EN60332-3-22. There are also changes in drum sizes and Finnish STK codes.


Instrumentation cable for indoor digital and analog installation. Halogen-free KJAAM-HF replaces KJAAM and KJAAM-LSZH cables starting from February 2016. KJAAM-HF is tested according to EN60332-3-22. Declaration of Performance (document number...


Instrumentation indoor cable for automation, process control and audio systems. Halogen-free NESMAK-HF replaces NESMAK and NESMAK-LSZH cables starting from February 2016. NESMAK-HF is tested according to EN60332-3-22. Declaration of Performance (...

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