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Universal copper cable for direct buried or duct installation.

Declaration of Performance of VMOHBU-TL, document number NC17007 (English)

ApplicationUniversal copper cable for direct buried or duct installation. Frequency range up to 10 MHz.
StandardsCable characteristics SFS 5012. Testing EN 50289-x-x, EN 50290-x-x.
Reaction to fireFca
Nestor codeSSTL codeCable sizeDiameter mmWeight kg/kmMin. sheath thicknessLength mPacking
L1000402170013x2x0,58,6651,6 mm1000K7
L10001021700310x2x0,511,51201,6 mm1000K9
L10006021700420x2x0,5141901,6 mm1000K11
L10007021700530x2x0,516,52601,6 mm1000K12
L10008021700650x2x0,5204001,6 mm1000K14
L100090217007100x2x0,526,57301,8 mm1000K16
L100100217008200x2x0,53713702,0 mm1000K22
L10021021701910x2x0,815,52401,6 mm1000K12
L10022021702020x2x0,8204201,6 mm1000K14
L10023021702130x2x0,8255801,6 mm1000K16
L10024021702250x2x0,8309901,8 mm1000K20
L100250217023100x2x0,84018202,0 mm1000K22
ConductorAnnealed copper wire, nominal diameter 0,5/0,6/0,8 mm.
InsulationFoam-skin PE.
Pair twistingTwo insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair. Different insulation colours are used for pair identification; see colour code.
Basic unitTen pairs are stranded together to form a unit and coloured plastic ribbons are used for unit identification; see colour code.
Main unitFive or ten basic units are stranded to a main unit. Numbered plastic ribbons are used for main unit identification.
StrandingUnits and main units are stranded together to form a compact cable core.
Filling compoundThe interstices of the cable core are filled with a non-toxic and dermatological safe filling compound.
WrappingThe cable core is wrapped with a plastic insulating waterblocking tape bound crosswise with two polyester yarns.
Moisture barrierAn aluminium tape coated on one side with a polymer and a ground wire tinned copper conductor 0,8 mm (?50 -pair cables two tinned copper conductors 0,8 mm).
Outer sheathThe cable sheath consists of UV resistant black PE.