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Indoor cable for access network.

Halogen-free MHS-HF replaces MHS-LSZH cables starting from February 2016. MHS-HF is tested according to EN60332-3-22.

Declaration of Performance (document number NC17004)

ApplicationIndoor cable for access network.
StandardsEN 50289-x-x, EN 50290-x-x.
Fire testingEN 50399, EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3-22.
Cable characteristicsSFS 5739.
Reaction to fireDca -s2,d2,a2
Nestor codeSSTL codeCable typeDiameter, mm Weight, kg/km Min. sheath thickness, mm Length/Drum
L10789 0217395MHS-HF 1x4x0,5 5310,9500/P4
L10790 0217396MHS-HF 3x2x0,5 5,8380,9500/P4
L10791 0217397MHS-HF 5x2x0,5 6,5430,9500/P5
L10792 0217398MHS-HF 10x2x0,5 8,1810,9500/P5
L10793 0217399MHS-HF 20x2x0,5 10,61370,91000/K8
L10794 0217412MHS-HF 30x2x0,5 121910,91000/K9
L10795 0217413MHS-HF 50x2x0,5 14,82930,91000/K10
L10796 0217414MHS-HF 100x2x0,5 19,353911000/K14
ConductorAnnealed copper wire, nominal diameter 0.5 mm
InsulationSolid PE
Pair-twistingTwo insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair. Different insulation colours are used for pair identification, see colour code
Basic unitTen pairs are stranded together to form a unit and coloured plastic ribbons are used for unit identification, see colour code
Main unitFive or ten basic units are stranded to a main unit. Numbered plastic ribbons are used for main unit identification
StrandingThe units and main units are stranded together to form a compact cable core
WrappingThe cable core is wrapped with a plastic insulating tape bound with two polyester yarns
ShieldPlastic-aluminium foil and a ground wire, tinned copper 0,5 mm
Outer sheathGrey HFFR-compound, RAL 7035