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Indoor cable

Indoor cables are used inside the buildings e.g. to connect a subscriber or end-used to the building distributor inside a building for example in multi-dwelling houses or in office buildings.

FTMS indoor cable is also available as a handy pigtail cable with pre-assembled connectors to a termination box.

Complete solution for indoor installations

Among our much used FTMS indoor cable, we can supply other needed accessories to create effective indoor cabling solutions. Our range of product include for example termination boxes and cabinets, patch panels, pigtail kits and patch cords.


Non-metallic optical fibre cable for indoor installations FMS is a fibre optic cable for indoor installation with one fibre. The aramide yarns under the sheath act as stregth members, and the sheath of cable is flame retardant, halogen free and UV...


Halogen free in-house fibre optic cable with 0,9 mm fibres FTMS is a non-metallic tight-buffered cable for indoor installation. The cable is also available on customized lengths with connectors assembled on one or both ends. FTMS is flame retardant...